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Ellen Rudikoff, PhD, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Are you a couple who is . . . ?

             Wanting to have a more fulfilling relationship?
             Exhausted by the fighting or silences and wondering if your relationship can be salvaged?
             Feeling disappointed in yourselves, each other, and/or the relationship?
             Unable to negotiate differences in ways that feel constructive?
             Often measuring who does more, even though each of you is convinced it is you?
             Frequently telling each other, "You're not listening to me!"
             Unable to communicate about even the most benign issues?
             Feeling increasingly disconnected and struggling to find things to talk about?
             Disagreeing about how to relate to your individual families?
             Trying to figure out if your marriage can survive a betrayal?
             Focusing on who is right and keeping score?
             Feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions or changes?
             Unable to help each other cope with transitions, loss or grief?
             Juggling unmanageable expectations and/or an over-scheduled life?
             Not where you pictured yourselves at this time in your lives?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of the questions above, this may be a good time
to make some positive changes.

Ellen Rudikoff