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Ellen Rudikoff, PhD, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Are you a parent who is . . . ?

             Finding parenting — alone or with a partner — more complicated than you expected?
             Struggling with the often unanticipated challenges that can occur at any stage of parenting?
             Having difficulty identifying realistic expectations and/or communicating expectations to your child?
             Negotiating a blended family?
             Living with a teenager and wondering how each of you will survive with your dignity and sanity intact?
             Wondering when and how to let go?
             Uncertain how to adjust your relationship now that your child is an adult, has a partner, or also is a parent?
             Tired of having the same argument over and over and over?
             Feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions or changes?
             Trying to cope with transitions, loss or grief?
             Finding yourself available to everyone but yourself?
             Experiencing low self-esteem and eroding self-confidence?
             Juggling unmanageable expectations and/or an over-scheduled life?
             Feeling anxious, guilty, exhausted or depressed more often than feeling okay?

If you found yourself answering yes to any of the questions above, this may be a good time
to make some positive changes.

Ellen Rudikoff