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Ellen Rudikoff, PhD, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Working Together

One of the most effective ways for individuals or couples to achieve lasting positive change is by increasing their awareness of their choices and options.  Working with clients in a collaborative manner helps ensure this occurs.

Through our conversations, clients become better able to identify the sources of their distress, determine what they want to change and then develop the additional skills and insights needed to achieve their goals.

When clients feel stuck in painful patterns, we explore different ways of understanding and managing their experiences.  This frequently leads to increased self-awareness and a shift in thinking and expectations.

By drawing on their own strengths and knowledge, clients create lives that are more constructive and more gratifying.  It is truly a privilege to listen to my clients’ stories and actively share in their efforts to lead more satisfying lives.

Protecting your privacy
Of course your privacy is of utmost importance.  Prior to the initial session, clients are provided with a written copy of my policies regarding confidentiality.

Ellen Rudikoff